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Quality Architectural Woodworking and Millwork Building Partnerships Since 1957

Custom woodwork is one of the richest, most beautiful touches that can be added to a home or office. Since 1957, Windham Millwork has worked to provide quality architectural woodworking throughout the New England area. We specialize in providing custom cabinetry, frames, paneling, moulding, and installing custom countertops for both residential and commercial projects. Our customized work can be seen in small scale projects in homes and yachts, and in larger scale projects ranging from hospitals, to casinos, to resorts.

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we form with all of our customers. At the heart of our business is our commitment to provide our clients with 100% customer satisfaction on all of our projects. All of our woodwork is guaranteed to last for years to come, with the personalized, eye-catching, luxurious results our customers expect.

Commercial Woodworking and Millwork

Commercial woodworking is far more than a simple addition to a reception area, office, or classroom—it is a statement. With dozens of woodworking and millwork options available, we’re confident that we can create and install customized pieces that will not only match your exact specifications, they will add a distinctive, original touch to any office, resort, school, or hospital. We go above and beyond to ensure that our custom woodwork meets your exact specifications and helps your business make the impression you want.

Who we are

Windham Millwork, Inc is an architectural woodworking company that is known throughout the construction industry of having great quality and reliability.


What we do

Custom cabinetry, countertops, mouldings, frames, paneling, reception desks and any and all millwork is what we produce on a consistent basis.



"“I love working with Windham; you guys are prompt to note conflicts, but more importantly open to comment and always willing to investigate viable alternates to support and protect the owner’s interest and your craftsmanship.” "
Nick Kava, Lajoie Brothers Inc. Testimonial