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Millwork Additions

WMI Completes Massive Millwork Additions to Jay Peak Resort

March 26, 2012

Massive millwork additions to Jay Peak Resort completed by WMI. Windham Millwork, Inc has completed a two and half year project at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vermont.  WMI was the chosen woodworking company to complete four very large projects at Jay Peak.   The Tram Haus Lodge , The Clubhouse Suites, The Ice Haus Arena and Hotel Jay and Conference Center.

The Tram Haus Lodge was the first of two very large hotels added to the mountain.  Inside the Tram Haus Lodge, WMI was in charge of providing all the casework, cabinetry, countertops, vanities, trim and headboards in the 57 suite’s.  The custom reception desk as you walk into the hotel was also manufactured and installed by WMI.  On the second floor of the hotel included Alice’s Table Restaurant, where WMI provided custom millwork, trim, countertops, hostess check in table and cabinetry.

The Tower Bar displayed the craftsmanship and quality of WMI’s work with a beautiful bar, panelingtrim and countertops.  The foot rest on this bar incorporated old cable lines from the ski mountain. This gave the bar a great touch.  Down the hall from Alice’s Table and the Tower Bar was Aroma Cafe and Taiga Spa where WMI was responsible for the custom millwork and woodwork involved in the service counter and reception desk inside the spa.  Tram Haus Lodge was just the beginning of additions in store at Jay Peak Resort.

Millwork Additions

The Clubhouse Suites was the next project Windham Millwork, Inc was called upon to provide outstanding quality millwork additions.  The Clubhouse Suites was located at the Golf Course at Jay Peak Resort.  Inside The Clubhouse Suites was a pro shop, restaurant, three large suites, locker rooms and recreation room.  WMI had the pleasure of providing the custom reception desk in the pro shop. Additionally, across the hall The Clubhouse Grille resides where WMI provided a large custom bar with caseworkcountertops and trim.  Similarly, inside the lobby of the clubhouse handrail and ceiling panels manufactured by WMI are present.  Additionally, downstairs resides the recreation room and the locker rooms where WMI custom built the lockers, casework, vanities and trim throughout.

The Ice Haus Arena is an indoor ice arena where hockey teams, figure skaters and curling teams can practice their craft at the resort.  Inside this magnificent building Windham Millwork, Inc provided all the millwork and casework at the snack bar and cafe as well as the rental area.  Countertops,  panelingcasework and trim were all millwork items WMI manufactured and installed in this building.

The largest project of them all was Hotel Jay and Conference Center.  This 176 suite hotel had just about every millwork additions item you could imagine inside of it.  Additionally, Hotel Jay also had conference rooms, a cafe, two restaurants and a 50,000 sq ft indoor waterpark.  The 176 suites presented an extensive list of millwork items completed by WMI.  Furthermore, vanities, custom mantles, countertops, trim, doors, door frames, base and kitchens were all on the list for WMI to manufacture and install.  Additionally, slat ceilings at the overpass bridges inside the hotel were also apart of the work load.

Jay Peak Resort

As you walk into the hotel you are greeted by a very impressive curved reception desk with beautiful birch trees and wall paneling on the back wall.  Buddy’s Mug Coffee Shop, The Foundry Pub and Grill and Mountain Dick’s Pizza were the three areas of the hotel you could grab some food and where you could witness some of WMI beautiful craftsmanship. Furthermore, custom millwork items like service counters, paneling, curved banquet seating, custom stainless steel bar, cabinetry and trim fill these food areas and truly make this hotel a unique and special place.

The impressive 50,000 sq ft indoor water park called The Pumphouse features a massive 140 foot bar that WMI built out of solid surface materials.  This bar overlooks the entire waterpark and has custom cutouts with lighting for a unique look at night.  Also in the water park the ticket counters, snack bar and cabana casework and countertops were all done by WMI.  Hotel Jay and Conference Center provided WMI to showcase all its talents on this project.

The Jay Peak Resort additions was an extraordinary project and one that WMI will always remember.  From the extensive miles of trim and 1,000 of cabinets built and installed over the past 2 years made this project one for the ages.  In conclusion, Windham Millwork Inc is extremely proud of its work and its efforts from its crew. For completing such a challenging project ahead of schedule and with outstanding quality.


“I’ll reiterate again because it deserves to be, your crews did a fantastic job on this project. This was certainly a tough schedule and Windham did an outstanding job. Meeting both the expectations of the schedule and the quality of work put in place. Windham’s commitment to this project has been exceptional all while knowing the challenges that we were presented. We commend you for stepping up to the plate and allowing this to be a successful project. For without Windham, it certainly would not have made it this far. Thank you, again, for all that you’ve done and we look forward to continued success with Windham.”

– Jason M. DelleChiaie, DEW Construction Corp.

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woodstock inn

WMI Completes Fast Track Woodstock Inn and Resort Project

January 15, 2012


Windham Millwork, Inc was called upon to restore the historical Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont after severe flooding from Hurricane Irene. WMI is known for fast track turnaround projects and Woodstock Inn was one of those cases. The Inn needed to be able to get back up and running as soon as possible. The hurricane was a challenge WMI was willing to take on. WMI was responsible for the restoration of the bottom floor which included conference rooms, columns, paneling, trim and around 30 custom doors. WMI provided high quality custom millwork throughout the bottom floor to help represent the prestige and history of the Woodstock Inn.

The devastation of the flooding caused significant challenges for WMI’s crew.  Above all, field dimensions were done with no electricity in the building.  WMI had to replicate work that was given to them from shop drawings dating back 20 plus years. Additionally, it had to match what was in place there before the flood occurred.  WMI’s fast track capabilities were put to the test as well. With WMI completing field dimensions in October and had everything furnished and installed by the first of January.  It was crucial to get this hotel back up and running as soon as possible. WMI was determined to make sure it was by working Saturdays and overtime to complete the project.


Windham Millwork, Inc is proud to be the one called upon to help restore such a historical site in Vermont. Additionally, our quality never falters even when a tight schedule presents itself. In conclusion, the Woodstock Inn & Resort was just another example of our reliability as a woodworking company.

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Woodshop News Feature

Woodshop News Feature: What it means to be from Maine

December 12, 2011

Woodshop News Feature

As featured on the cover of Woodshop News; written by Jennifer Hicks and edited by Todd Riggio.

Windham Millwork is a three-generation, family-owned custom woodworking business in Windham, Maine, specializing in high-end commercial projects for newly constructed buildings throughout New England.

The company was originally founded in 1957 by Walter Pulkkinen and is currently owned and managed in part by his son, CEO Bruce Pulkkinen. Bruce’s sons, Chad and B.J. Pulkkinen, are among a number of company partners who also have an ownership interest in the firm.

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Shaw Brothers

WMI Completes Shaw Brothers Corporate Office

December 07, 2011

Windham Millwork, Inc has completed the Shaw Brothers Construction Corporate Office. This project displays the outstanding craftsmanship and beauty that Windham Millwork, Inc brings to the table. WMI took control by installing and furnishing the interior woodwork. Above all, mahogany wainscot covers the entire building with beautiful casework and countertops in all the offices.

A grand stairwell with a combination of metal, wood and glass was also constructed by WMI. Furthermore, a beautiful reception desk, ceiling panels, trim, stair rail, conference tables, door frames and window sills were some of the other features on this project. One of the most impressive pieces of the project was the massive 48′ master conference table. The conference table was an inlaid granite top with mahogany nosing . In conclusion, this project is a show-piece that exemplifies the perfection and quality WMI continues to offer the commercial industry.

Thanks to the Shaw Brothers for allowing us to take on this project. We hope you enjoy your new corporate office.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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Awarded the Oxford Casino

WMI is Awarded The Oxford Casino in Maine

November 01, 2011

Windham Millwork, Inc has been awarded the highly anticipated Oxford Casino in Oxford, Maine. This is not the first Casino WMI has been awarded. Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway in Bangor, Maine and Hollywood Casino Perryville in Perryville, Maryland are the most recent casino projects WMI has been a part of.

At the Oxford Casino WMI will be responsible for the bars, sales counters, buffett casework, trim, banquet seating and bathroom vanities. This project will once again showcase WMI high quality architectural woodwork. The completion date is for memorial day 2012.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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Bangor Event Center

WMI Is Awarded The Bangor Event Center

September 01, 2011

Windham Millwork, Inc has been awarded the Bangor Event Center in Bangor, Maine. The event center will be the new site for conferences, sporting events and shows in the Bangor area. Above all, the new conference center and arena will hold up to 8,000 people with 10 sky boxes and a party suite.

WMI will be responsible for the woodwork in the locker rooms, suite casework and countertops, trim, wood handrails, three bars, recession areas and administration casework. The new center will be connecting and overpass to Hollywood Slots and Hotel, a project WMI completed a few years back. In conclusion, this project will be very significant for the state of Maine and the city of Bangor and Windham Millwork, Inc is proud to be a part of it.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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