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Eastland Hotel

WMI helps transform The Eastland into The Westin Portland Harborview Hotel

December 24, 2013

Windham Millwork was the architectural millwork company selected to help restore the historic Eastland Hotel in Portland, Me. The new Westin Portland Harborview Hotel was a $50 million renovation and is now the largest hotel in the State of Maine with 289 rooms. The original hotel, The Eastland, first opened in 1927 and cost roughly $2 million to build.

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Another Hotel Opportunity at Jay Peak Resort

July 03, 2013

Windham Millwork, Inc has been awarded with its third hotel at Jay Peak Resort.  The new hotel, Stateside Hotel and Lodge, will be replacing the 50 year old Stateside Chalet.  The new hotel is 84 rooms and roughly 70,000 square feet.  In addition to the hotel will be a 12,000 square foot skier service building.  This day lodge will have an area for over 300 people at one time and will include food service.  Also in this will be guest day use lockers, retail, rest room facilities, ticket sales/customer service, and a ski school sales desk.  

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Cumberland County Civic Center Renovations Awarded to WMI

March 01, 2013

Windham Millwork, Inc has been selected as the architectural woodworking company to provide its custom woodwork to the new renovations at The Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine.  The Civic Center was built in 1977 and will see significant renovations this coming year.  The renovations will increase the building by 20,000 square feet.  In addition to the increase in size the arena will also be given a face lift to the existing structure.  New entrances to the building, new lobbies including stairs, elevators and escalators.  Additional restrooms, concession and merchandising area will be added as well.  There will be new private suites and club team offices, administrative offices, locker rooms, a larger ticket lobby and a complete retrofitting of the 7,000 arena seats.

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WMI Awarded The Westin Portland Harborview Hotel

January 08, 2013

Windham Millwork, Inc has been awarded The Westin Portland Harborview Hotel in Portland, Maine.  The hotel is a complete renovation of the former Eastland Park Hotel, the 86 year old 206 room hotel.  The new hotel will be 289 rooms and will boast 16,000 square feet of meeting space and a ballroom, making it the largest hotel in the state.  The Top of The East, the rooftop bar known for its views of Portland Harbor and Casco Baby, is also being doubled in size.  

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Oxford Casino: The Second Maine Casino Completed By WMI

June 19, 2012

Windham Millwork, Inc had the pleasure of furnishing and installing all the custom millwork and woodwork for the highly anticipated Oxford Casino in Maine.  Oxford Casino is the second casino built in Maine, the other casino is Hollywood Casino Resort and Raceway  in Bangor.  For Windham Millwork this is the third casino project awarded to the architectural woodworking company.  WMI was responsible for all the woodwork in both Hollywood Casino’s in Maine and Maryland prior to being awarded the Oxford Casino.  

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WMI Completes 3 Hotel Projects

June 04, 2012

WMI Completes 3 Hotel Projects

Hotel Jay and Conference Center – Jay Peak Resort

Windham Millwork, Inc was the architectural woodworking company responsible for Jay Peak’s Hotel Jay and Conference Center in Vermont. Hotel Jay is the fourth project and second hotel WMI has been apart of at Jay Peak Resort. The Tram Haus Lodge , The Clubhouse Suites and the Ice Haus Arena were the other projects where WMI has provided custom millwork and woodwork of the finest quality throughout each building.

Hotel Jay and Conference center is a state of the art hotel. WMI provided custom wood cabinetrycountertops, doors, door frames, door jambs, trim and custom mantels in all of the hotels 176 suites. Hotel Jay also has a state of the art Conference Center where WMI’s work can bee seen throughout. The lobby features a custom curved reception desk with cabinetry and wall panels that is a sure wow factor when entering the hotel.

The most impressive sight in the hotel is its 50,000 sq ft indoor waterpark, The Pump House. WindhamMillwork, Inc provided a massive 140 foot solid surface bar (The Drink) that overlooks the incredible waterpark and its slides. Custom cutouts in the bar allows the bar to glow at night. Also inside the waterpark WMI provided ticket counters and casework at the entrance, cabana casework and countertops by the lazy river, the snack bar and all the custom millwork at the retail shop.

Inside this massive hotel includes some impressive restaurants and cafe’s. The Foundry Pub and Grille, Mountain Dick’s Pizza and Buddy’s Mug Coffee Shop are all locations where WMI provided custom millwork items. At The Foundry Pub and Grille WMI provided an industrial style bar with a combination of stainless steel and plastic laminate. Stainless steel pull down doors and ceiling gave this bar a real clean and sharp look. Mountain Dick’s Pizza also included a modern industrial look with the same combination of stainless steel and custom millwork. Curved banquet seating and wall paneling gave this pizza joint a refreshing and stylish atmosphere. Near the lobby, Buddy’s Mug Coffee Shop features some unique custom millwork, casework and cabinetry provided by WMI.

This project had just about everything in it from a millwork percepective. Ceiling panels, custom cabinetry, custom trim, countertops, door jambs, shelving, mutliple bars, curved millwork and custom stainless steel. It was an exciting and challenging project that WMI gave its all on.

“I’ll reiterate again because it deserves to be, your crews did a fantastic job on this project. This was certainly a tough schedule and Windham did an outstanding job meeting both the expectations of the schedule and the quality of work put in place. Windham’s commitment to this project has been exceptional all while knowing the challenges that we were presented. We commend you for stepping up to the plate and allowing this to be a successful project for without Windham, it certainly would not have made it this far. Thank you, again, for all that you’ve done and we look forward to continued success with Windham.”

– Jason M. DelleChiaie, DEW Construction Corp.

The Tram Haus Lodge – Jay Peak Resort

Windham Millwork, Inc was the architectural woodworking company responsible for Jay Peak’s Tram Haus Lodge in Vermont. Tram Haus Lodge is the fourth project and second hotel WMI has been apart of at Jay Peak Resort. Hotel Jay and Conference Center , The Clubhouse Suites and the Ice Haus Arena were the other projects where WMI has provided custom millwork and woodwork of the finest quality throughout each building.

The Tram Haus Lodge is a 57 suite hotel that offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites. Windham Millwork, Inc was in charge of providing all the kitchen caseworkcountertops, vanities, headboards and trim throughout each room as well as the millwork in the hallways throughout the hotel. WMI also provided the check in/reception desk in the main lobby and office casework and millwork as well.

Inside the Tram Haus Lodge also includes Alice’s Table Restaurant, Tower Bar, Aroma Coffee Shop, Taiga Spa and the Rental Shop which WMI was responsible for all the millwork in each location. Aroma Coffee Shop displays a custom service counter and cabinetry. Taiga Spa includes a reception desk and other millwork items throughout. The Rental Shop area features caseworkcountertops and paneling. Alice’s Table Restaurant includes hostess counter, custom walls, food line wall, caseworkcountertops and trim. Inside the Tower Bar includes a massive custom bar with wall paneling, shelving and trim all furnished and installed by WMI. Old chairlift cable lines are attached to the bar as a foot rest which were originally used at the ski mountain in the past giving it a stylish look with some history tied to it.

The first of two incredible hotels at Jay Peak, The Tram Haus Lodge was an exciting project that featured high quality woodwork and craftsmanship that WMI is known for throughout the industry. It was a project that WMI was very proud to be a part of and one that was truly unique and challenging.

The Woodstock Inn & Resort

Windham Millwork, Inc was called upon to restore the historical Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont after severe flooding from Hurricane Irene. WMI is known for fast track turnaround projects and Woodstock Inn was one of those cases. The Inn needed to be able to get back up and running as soon as possible after the hurricane and it was a challenge WMI was willing to take on. WMI was responsible for the restoration of the bottom floor which included conference rooms, columns, panelingtrim and doors. WMI provided high quality custom millwork throughout the bottom floor to help represent the prestige and history of the Woodstock Inn after the devastation from Irene.

Windham Millwork, Inc is proud to be the one called upon to help restore such a historical site in Vermont. Our quality never falters even when a tight schedule presents itself and The Woodstock Inn & Resort was just another example of our reliability as a woodworking company.

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