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new hospital fittings

Press Release: Windham company’s prefabricated counters, cabinets speed up new hospital fittings

December 17, 2012

Items manufactured in southern Maine, then shipped to Augusta for installation.

Source: Kennebec Journal
Staff Writer: Betty Adams

AUGUSTA — All the woodwork, countertops, sink tops, windowsills and even the protective strips along the walls and the corner protectors are coming from a single firm in Windham.   Dan Berube, onsite foreman for Windham Millwork, talks about the cabinets that workers have already installed during a tour on Dec. 4 at the new MaineGeneral regional hospital in Augusta. The cabinets, counters and some other items are pre-made back in the shop at Windham Millworks before being shipped up and installed.

It’s all part of the emerging hospital under construction in north Augusta, where Maine General Medical Center is spending $312 million to consolidate operations in a modern building.

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Green Mountain Coffee

WMI Completes Green Mountain Coffee’s New Facility

September 17, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee

Windham Millwork, In has recently finished manufacturing and installing all the interior woodwork for Green Mountain Coffee’s R&D Facility.  This beautiful facility is located in the mountains of Vermont. Where Green Mountain Coffee can develop new products to put on the market.  Above all, WMI custom built an array of millwork throughout the facility and the outcome was great.

Custom wood cabinets and plastic laminate cabinets can bee seen throughout the offices, kitchens and labs.  A variety of countertops can bee seen throughout the building including, solid surface countertopsplastic laminate countertopsepoxy countertops and even concrete countertops.  Furthermore, the wood stair rail leading to the second floor and curving around the entire mezzanine floor overlooking the entrance was quite the layout and craftsmanship that WMI can bring to a project.

Green Mountain Coffee

The custom woodwork WMI created was just as impressive as the casework and countertops.  Custom bench seating that includes cushions or a curve are throughout the first floor.  For instance, a slatted wall enclosed bench area was an impressive custom piece on this project. Sliding panelsbamboo paneling and wood paneling are seen throughout the lounge area as well as in the sensory portion of the facility.  In the library WMI constructed and installed bookcasesbenches and a custom rolling ladder for hard to reach areas of the library.  Furthermore, the most impressive custom piece on the project was the custom curved circular desk.  This desk was almost a complete circle and showcased the craftsmanship and beauty WMI can produce.

Green Mountain Coffee’s R&D Facility shows a lot of talent that WMI can provide.  This building featured cabinetscaseworkcustom panelingcustom reception desks and a variety of countertop materials.  All furnished and installed by Windham Millwork, Inc.  In conclusion, WMI is proud to be able to provide Green Mountain Coffee with the high quality woodwork for their new facility.

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Dental Office Millwork

Dental Office Uses WMI Again for New Location

August 19, 2012

Dr.Wignall is hiring Windham Millwork to accomplish another dental office millwork project. Southern Maine Pediatric Dentistry is calling upon Windham Millwork to re-install and recreate custom millwork for another dentistry location. The new office location in Portland, Maine features true craftsman ship as seen in the interior woodworking throughout the building. Solid surface countertopsplastic laminate countertops and curved countertops are scene throughout the office.

Casework and cabinets were built for offices, prep rooms, exam rooms and the reception area. WMI was looking for a specific theme, thus creating a reception desk featuring solid surfaceshaker style shingles and painted wood. This custom reception desk is a beautiful entrance piece for customers to see as they enter the office. WMI also removed and relocated previous millwork and casework from Dr. Wignall’s old location.

Windham Millwork Inc excels in coordinating projects with the owner.  The ability to see what a customer is looking for is important. It is rewarding to know our past customers love our work and look forward to working on another project with us. In conclusion, Windham Millwork is proud to be the primary interior woodworking company for both of Dr.Wignall’s dental office locations.

Contact us to learn how we can help you on your next dental office millwork project.

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Oxford Casino

Oxford Casino: The Second Maine Casino Completed By WMI

June 19, 2012

Oxford Casino

Windham Millwork, Inc had the pleasure of furnishing and installing all the custom millwork and woodwork for the Oxford Casino in Maine. Oxford Casino is the second casino built in Maine, the other casino is Hollywood Casino Resort and Raceway in Bangor. Awarding Windham Millwork to its third casino project. Granting Windham Millwork this project was a no-brainer considering their previous work on both Hollywood Casino in Maine and Maryland prior.

The 36,000 sq. ft. Oxford Casino showcases the woodworking talents of Windham Millwork.  WMI was responsible for all the interior woodwork inside the casino.  The 36 foot custom wood bar is the first thing that will catch your eye when entering the casino.   The wood bar consists of a granite countertop, rubber elbow moulding, stainless steel and built in touch screen gambling games.  Above the table games in the middle of the casino are pine trusses. Additionally, throughout the casino large custom wood column wraps were all hand made and installed by WMI.

The Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club and the Cashiers area were areas Windham Millwork’s custom millwork is really on display.  Oxford Rewards Loyalty Club large desk, which features different color wood panelingcabinets, built in flat screens and granite countertops. The Cashier station features the same multi colored pattern wall paneling.  The Cashier station also features a metal cage with wood trimcabinets and granite countertops.

Oxford Casino

There are two areas in the casino capable of providing food service, Seasons Grille and Seasons Express.  Additionally, Seasons Grille is the only restaurant on site and seats over 100 people. Seasons has some interesting woodworking pieces that really make it a nice attraction for guests.  A massive overhead wood light structure hangs above the hostess table, following a custom wood frame with metal art inside as you enter. Inside the buffet wood wall capstrimpaneling and wood rails are all visible.

Outside of Seasons Grille is Seasons Express.  Seasons Express is a quick stop food stand which  also has multi colored panelinggranite countertops and cabinets. Caseworkdealer podiumssecurity standsoffice cabinetsbathroom vanitiesdoor trim and wall paneling are other custom millwork items that WMI was responsible for throughout the casino.

In conclusion, Oxford Casino’s decision in choosing Windham Millwork Inc as their woodworking project speaks volumes to our company. Providing the only two casinos in Maine with high quality millwork further solidifies Windham Millwork as a high end commercial woodworking firm.

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college millwork

Endicott College and Middlebury College Completed

June 15, 2012

College Millwork

Windham Millwork Inc is on a roll by completing two college millwork projects; Endicott College’s Marblehead Hall and Middlebury Colleges Mahaney Center of the Arts buildings. A leader in educational casework and woodwork, Windham Millwork excels in completing entire interior finish carpentry projects throughout the country. Each college project brings a unique element to the table which WMI welcomes with its experience and expertise.

Endicott College’s Marblehead Hall in Massachusetts is a brand new 260 room dormitory state of the art building which includes an extensive amount of millwork.  WMI’s work includes; solid surface window sillstack panelsshelvingcountertopscurved counterscabinets and casework. When entering the dorm lobby you will instantly recognize the craftsmanship of a custom wood slat wall with matching ceiling trim. All of the manufacturing and installing was done by Windham Millwork Inc. Furthermore, curve paneling on both walls of the lobby are also visible when entering the dorm. In addition, the common room areas feature banquet seating and custom kitchens by Windham Millwork. Each room had its own bathroom where vanities and solid surface shower surrounds. Completing the Endicott College project took the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry.

College Millwork

The Mahaney Center of The Arts at Middlebury College in Vermont is an extraordinary building featuring detailed custom millwork throughout.  Ceiling trimwindow trimwall trim and column wraps can be seen as soon as you enter the building and in most of the classrooms.  Furthermore, WMI manufactured and installed a curved reception desk with a 2″ marble countertop in the upstairs office.  Also in the office, a custom display casecabinets and countertops are beautifully visible as you enter.  The quality of millwork strongly reflects the prestige of the building and the art program at Middlebury College.

Windham Millwork, Inc was proud to be a part of two prestigious projects at both educational institutions.  Each project showcases different skills and craftsmanship from WMI that can be seen in schools all throughout New England. Inc conclusion, WMI is proud to be apart of yet another college project and its incredible interior woodwork.

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Millwork Additions

WMI Completes Massive Millwork Additions to Jay Peak Resort

March 26, 2012

Massive millwork additions to Jay Peak Resort completed by WMI. Windham Millwork, Inc has completed a two and half year project at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vermont.  WMI was the chosen woodworking company to complete four very large projects at Jay Peak.   The Tram Haus Lodge , The Clubhouse Suites, The Ice Haus Arena and Hotel Jay and Conference Center.

The Tram Haus Lodge was the first of two very large hotels added to the mountain.  Inside the Tram Haus Lodge, WMI was in charge of providing all the casework, cabinetry, countertops, vanities, trim and headboards in the 57 suite’s.  The custom reception desk as you walk into the hotel was also manufactured and installed by WMI.  On the second floor of the hotel included Alice’s Table Restaurant, where WMI provided custom millwork, trim, countertops, hostess check in table and cabinetry.

The Tower Bar displayed the craftsmanship and quality of WMI’s work with a beautiful bar, panelingtrim and countertops.  The foot rest on this bar incorporated old cable lines from the ski mountain. This gave the bar a great touch.  Down the hall from Alice’s Table and the Tower Bar was Aroma Cafe and Taiga Spa where WMI was responsible for the custom millwork and woodwork involved in the service counter and reception desk inside the spa.  Tram Haus Lodge was just the beginning of additions in store at Jay Peak Resort.

Millwork Additions

The Clubhouse Suites was the next project Windham Millwork, Inc was called upon to provide outstanding quality millwork additions.  The Clubhouse Suites was located at the Golf Course at Jay Peak Resort.  Inside The Clubhouse Suites was a pro shop, restaurant, three large suites, locker rooms and recreation room.  WMI had the pleasure of providing the custom reception desk in the pro shop. Additionally, across the hall The Clubhouse Grille resides where WMI provided a large custom bar with caseworkcountertops and trim.  Similarly, inside the lobby of the clubhouse handrail and ceiling panels manufactured by WMI are present.  Additionally, downstairs resides the recreation room and the locker rooms where WMI custom built the lockers, casework, vanities and trim throughout.

The Ice Haus Arena is an indoor ice arena where hockey teams, figure skaters and curling teams can practice their craft at the resort.  Inside this magnificent building Windham Millwork, Inc provided all the millwork and casework at the snack bar and cafe as well as the rental area.  Countertops,  panelingcasework and trim were all millwork items WMI manufactured and installed in this building.

The largest project of them all was Hotel Jay and Conference Center.  This 176 suite hotel had just about every millwork additions item you could imagine inside of it.  Additionally, Hotel Jay also had conference rooms, a cafe, two restaurants and a 50,000 sq ft indoor waterpark.  The 176 suites presented an extensive list of millwork items completed by WMI.  Furthermore, vanities, custom mantles, countertops, trim, doors, door frames, base and kitchens were all on the list for WMI to manufacture and install.  Additionally, slat ceilings at the overpass bridges inside the hotel were also apart of the work load.

Jay Peak Resort

As you walk into the hotel you are greeted by a very impressive curved reception desk with beautiful birch trees and wall paneling on the back wall.  Buddy’s Mug Coffee Shop, The Foundry Pub and Grill and Mountain Dick’s Pizza were the three areas of the hotel you could grab some food and where you could witness some of WMI beautiful craftsmanship. Furthermore, custom millwork items like service counters, paneling, curved banquet seating, custom stainless steel bar, cabinetry and trim fill these food areas and truly make this hotel a unique and special place.

The impressive 50,000 sq ft indoor water park called The Pumphouse features a massive 140 foot bar that WMI built out of solid surface materials.  This bar overlooks the entire waterpark and has custom cutouts with lighting for a unique look at night.  Also in the water park the ticket counters, snack bar and cabana casework and countertops were all done by WMI.  Hotel Jay and Conference Center provided WMI to showcase all its talents on this project.

The Jay Peak Resort additions was an extraordinary project and one that WMI will always remember.  From the extensive miles of trim and 1,000 of cabinets built and installed over the past 2 years made this project one for the ages.  In conclusion, Windham Millwork Inc is extremely proud of its work and its efforts from its crew. For completing such a challenging project ahead of schedule and with outstanding quality.


“I’ll reiterate again because it deserves to be, your crews did a fantastic job on this project. This was certainly a tough schedule and Windham did an outstanding job. Meeting both the expectations of the schedule and the quality of work put in place. Windham’s commitment to this project has been exceptional all while knowing the challenges that we were presented. We commend you for stepping up to the plate and allowing this to be a successful project. For without Windham, it certainly would not have made it this far. Thank you, again, for all that you’ve done and we look forward to continued success with Windham.”

– Jason M. DelleChiaie, DEW Construction Corp.

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