Panel Processing

Panel Processing, Cut-to-Length, Edgebanding, Radius Work, Plastic Laminate, Veneers

Panel processing by Windham Millwork is one of our specialty services. Our technique to this delicate process is what separates us from the competition. The ability to oversee all quality control aspects of this delicate process enables our work to be ahead of schedule. Additionally, this allows us to save you money by not having to outsource the panels to a third party.

Furthermore, we utilize a cold glue laminate process which allows us to better manage quality control. Furthermore, the ability to customize laminates, panels, and substrates enables us to get pieces to the production floor quicker. In other words, doing this in-house enables Windham Millwork to fast-track production by not having to rely on third party vendors. Therefore, removing the middle-man and adding flexibility in schedule and time. Currently we are capable of making up to 5’X12’ substrates.

In conclusion, Windham Millwork should be your first thought when your project or customer is looking for high quality panel processing. Knowing that you will get the highest quality products in the market on a timeline that fits your schedule is what separates Windham Millwork from the competition.

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