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Millwork installation is completed by our employees on 95% of our projects. Therefore, quality control and communication are easily manageable. However, in some areas we utilize our vast network of subcontracting labor partners to supplement our forces where it is economically feasible for our customer.

Developing an installation schedule that works within your timeframe is important to us. We want to make the process easier for both parties. In the field our installation team utilizes the latest technology to effectively communicate with project managers. For instance, each install team has access to an iPad on any given job site. This enables our installers to access full shop drawing in real-time. Additionally, any last-minute adjustment can be accessible with our team in the field. Therefore, we are capable of gathering a better understanding of where the project is and where it needs to be.

In addition, some of our manufactured products we supply and install are wall protections, plastic extrusions, metals, and specialty architectural products. In conclusion, we aim to install all millwork and casework in a safe, efficient and high-quality manner.

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