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Millwork cabinets made to order for virtually all commercial markets are available. Additionally, the ability to create specific moulds and custom pieces is what makes our cabinets unique. Furthermore, we can produce cabinets that include plastic laminate in almost any color or veneer imaginable. Similarly, our ability to recreate or renovate a set of specific cabinets is what separates us as a millwork company.

Utilizing and automating our production line enables us to economically produce custom cabinetry for the healthcare, educational, corporate, hospitality and monumental markets. Designing unique pieces that people will remember for years is what drives us to success. Our design department can create a 3D model of a cabinet so you can visualize the concept better.

Adding special locks with high security number pads is crucial for hospitals. Only allowing your staff to access documents, medications and customer information that no-one else should be able to access.

In conclusion, Windham Millwork is capable of designing and implementing large scale cabinetry projects with the ability to design truly bespoke items that no other millwork company can.

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