Project: Jay Peak Resort: Tram Haus Lodge

Jay Peak Resort: Tram Haus Lodge

project description

Windham Millwork, Inc was the architectural woodworking company responsible for Jay Peak’s Tram Haus Lodge in Vermont. Tram Haus Lodge is the fourth project and second hotel WMI has been apart of at Jay Peak Resort. Hotel Jay and Conference CenterThe Clubhouse Suites and The Ice Haus Arena were the other projects where WMI has provided custom millwork and woodwork of the finest quality throughout each building.

The Tram Haus Lodge is a 57 suite hotel that offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites.  Windham Millwork, Inc was in charge of providing all the kitchen casework, countertops, vanities, headboards and trim throughout each room as well as the millwork in the hallways throughout the hotel.  WMI also provided the check in/reception desk in the main lobby and office casework and millwork as well.

Inside the Tram Haus Lodge also includes Alice’s Table Restaurant, Tower Bar, Aroma Coffee Shop, Taiga Spa and the Rental Shop which WMI was responsible for all the millwork in each location.  Aroma Coffee Shop displays a custom service counter and cabinetry.  Taiga Spa includes a reception desk and other millwork items throughout. The Rental Shop area features caseworkcountertops and paneling.  Alice’s Table Restaurant includes hostess counter, custom walls, food line wall, caseworkcountertops and  trim.  Inside the Tower Bar includes a massive custom bar with wall paneling, shelving and trim all furnished and installed by WMI.  Old chairlift cable lines are attached to the bar as a foot rest which were originally used at the ski mountain in the past giving it a stylish look with some history tied to it.

The first of two incredible hotels at Jay Peak, The Tram Haus Lodge was an exciting project that featured high quality woodwork and craftsmanship that WMI is known for throughout the industry.  It was a project that WMI was very proud to be a part of and one that was truly unique and challenging.

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