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Windham Millwork Launches its Antimicrobial Division: HealthSafe Systems

November 19, 2013

HealthSafe Systems> Windham Millwork Inc introduces its fight against harmful microbes and Hospital Acquired Illnesses (HAIs).

Windham Millwork Inc. would like to announce their two-pronged approach to fight against harmful microbes in our lives today. Every day we hear about hospital acquired illnesses, super bugs, and other microbes that are harmful to our health. Through its licensed use of the Aegis Microbe Shield* technology, Windham’s new HealthSafe Systems brand announces its Microbe Free Millwork and Microbe Free Building Solutions products to improve the environment in which we all live.

HealthSafe Systems

Windham Millwork, has acquired the distribution rights for the antimicrobial Aegis Microbe Shield technology for all after-market uses. Which includes the use in automotive, transportation, marine, RV, and the residential and commercial building markets for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. In addition to these markets, MFS New England holds the license for millwork and cabinetry treatments on a national basis.

The first prong of Windham Millwork’s solution is to treat all hidden and exposed surfaces of the millwork and cabinets in a project. Users of Microbe Free Millwork will get the added peace of mind of near-permanent surface protection against microbes and the spread of germs. Odorless, colorless, and invisible to the naked eye, our technology will not leave the surface to which it is applied. “Sense of well-being” is in the news today and this solution is in complete alignment with those customer needs. Finally, a solution that helps to control the spread of germs by creating a better environment; by treating cabinetry and counter products we can reduce the “touch” spreading of germs. In fact, the process creates a “giant air cleaner” effect. It creates a “charged” surface that will draw microbes in and kill them. Effective against mold and mildew as well, Microbe Free Millwork treatment is effective in all building environments.

HealthSafe Systems

To further improve a facility, Windham Millwork offers its second prong of defense, Microbe Free Building Solutions. This solution includes the “hyper-green” two part “kill” and “prevent” application to all interior building surfaces, furniture, equipment, and fabric treatments in a facility. The kill process is used to eliminate microbes that are on the surface; the prevent step includes the electrostatic application of the molecule, creating a covalent bond on any surface that will be there as long as the surface to which it is applied remains at the surface level. By applying the product to knobs, handles, and other touch surfaces, we can reduce the transfer of germs; the entire space becomes an air cleaner, with the germs being electrically drawn to the treated areas, killing them on contact.

We all have the responsibility to provide a safe workplace, home, and environment for our families, customers, and staff. HealthSafe Systems is positioned to attack those harmful microbes through its treated products and direct application in the field. Whether it is inside a vehicle, a boat, a home or an office, HealthSafe Systems has the solution to your mold, mildew, and harmful microbe issues. Windham Millwork Inc is a 56 year old family owned architectural woodwork manufacturer housed in a 65000 square foot facility in North Windham, Maine.

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HealthSafe Systems

*Aegis Microbe Shield technology by Aegis Environments, is a business technology spin off of the Dow Corning Company. Corning developed the silicone chemical technology to incorporate a standard anti-microbial substance into a silane. The result was the world’s first odorless, colorless, non-leaching, durable, covalently bonded broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Microbe Free Solutions owns the after-market distribution to the Americas. Windham Millwork, through its Microbe Free Solutions of New England Division (, owns the license for distribution in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. As well as the licensed use on millwork and cabinetry in the entire United States. MFS New England distributes the product to auto dealers and detailers, boat dealers, RV dealers, mold re-mediators, pest control applicators, and other commercial providers. HealthSafe Systems is the trademarked brand for Windham Millwork’s product line of architectural woodwork and the commercial application in new or renovated healthcare and institutional facilities.

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HealthSafe Systems

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