Honest Partnerships

Partnering with Windham Millwork will ensure a successful project within your budget and timeline while developing a relationship that will last through many future projects.


Road 1: The Traditional Bid Route

  • The architect presents a concept at some level of detail.
  • In the total open bid process, you receive several bids, all with a different scope and some from qualified and some from unqualified firms.
  • You sort through, try to select the “best deal”
  • Then begins the agonizing submittal process, where the millworker is working to minimize their cost and you are trying to get what you thought you asked for and would like to receive. 
  • Months go by as re-submittals happen with both sides digging in because they both think they are right.
  • Sometimes all the partners are unhappy with the result.
  • All too often, one of the partners is unhapy.


Road 2: Windham Millwork’s Partnership Model

  • We will work out the basic construction requirements and provide a preliminary estimate of the millwork cost, and we will do some early value engineering.
  • We will discuss a final plan with you and we will provide details of complex assemblies electronically to the architect for their inclusion on the architectural drawings.
  • We will provide mock-ups, if required, so the owner has the visual view.
  • We will roll the design time and mock-up cost into the ifnal price after 100% of the drawings are complete
  • You will sleep well knowing that a firm which performs and cares will see the millwork through to a timely completion.


Road two is straight and flat; an honest partnership that gets you there on time.

Quality Architectural Woodworking and Millwork Building Partnerships Since 1957